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New updates and improvements to Linear.


Linear app with the light theme, showing search results of issues that include the word design


We've spent the last couple of months rebuilding search from the ground up. The UI has been refined. We've improved how we display results as well as the accuracy, for instance for words split with / or _. You can now reliably use "phrase matching", -negative keywords AND boolean operators in your search queries.

Not only that, but results will show comments, documents, and projects as well as issues.

Emoji Icons

We've learned that some of our customers are heavy emoji users so we've added the ability to set emojis as icons for teams, projects, and custom views. You can even upload custom emoji, individually or by importing emoji from Slack (find this option in workspace settings) to give your Linear a more personal touch.

Feature pages

Still need to convince your team to finally make the switch over to Linear? We just added a brand-new set of Product Pages to our website with an extensive list of all of Linear's features and product specifications. Already convinced your team to make the switch? You might discover new features you haven't used yet (or just enjoy some of the little design details we sprinkled on top of the page ✨).

Fixes & improvements

  • The Zapier integration has been updated to support paginated fetching of users, labels
  • New application icon for Windows client
  • Added a new tabs section on the Views page to simplify browsing long lists
  • Fixed a bug where the issue create modal would stay open after an issue had been created
  • Fixed a data discrepancy problem with teams that have large number of issues
  • Fix the keyboard shortcut for assigning projects in the issue create modal
  • Fixed a crash that could happen during startup
  • Fixed some bugs in search term highlighting that would mix up words
  • We now display the full due date in lists and boards
  • The Create more toggle while creating issues will now retain the previously applied template, if any
  • API: Fixes an error when attempting to load teams for a user without any team memberships