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New updates and improvements to Linear.



Linear has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type I audit, affirming the effectiveness of our security processes and controls.

Security has always been a top priority at Linear. We have focused on making all aspects of the service secure, including product design, server architecture, and employee access. Now, automated monitoring through Vanta and formal policies allow us to stay up to date on our security posture at all times.

For customers that wish to receive a copy of the report, please email

Faster initial app launches

We've optimized how we load workspace data when you access it for the first time. Large workspaces contain a lot of data and we no longer wait for all of the data to be available before letting the user interact with the application. Instead, less frequently accessed data will continue to be streamed in while the user uses the application.

This optimization can make initial app launches for large workspaces up to 10 times faster.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug causing Slack actions to sometimes fail if no workspace Slack integration is installed
  • Imported comments will now be migrated with their original creation date rather than the time of the migration
  • Renamed URL based "issue attachments" as "issue links" in the UI to prevent confusion with file attachments
  • Fixed a bug causing the Linear GitHub bot to sometimes not post a comment with a Linear link on GitHub pull requests
  • Fixed erroneous matching of URLs to issue identifiers in issue descriptions and comments
  • The Intercom integration will correctly show an error when you attempt to link an already linked issue to the conversation
  • Keyboard hints are now shown on issue navigation buttons at all times
  • We now always preserve the title and description when switching teams while creating issues
  • Clarified that in order to select a custom view to be your default home view, it must be favorited
  • Keyboard hints are now shown on issue navigation buttons at all times
  • [API] It's now possible to create a related comment when creating an issue attachment with the attachmentCreate mutation
  • When migrating team members, we now attempt to map imported team members to existing team members by name
  • The issue detail view within the Intercom integration will now include the issue's team name
  • Notifications for issues created and assigned from Slack will correctly show the person who created/assigned the issue rather than "Assigned by Linear"
  • Fix cycle not populated correctly when creating an issue from a cycle page
  • Fix missing shortcuts when opening a sub-issue (or targeting the parent issue)
  • Fix missing shortcuts related to notification when opening an issue from the inbox
  • The team list for the Intercom integration is now sorted alphabetically
  • You can now use Slack actions with only your personal Slack notifications integration enabled
  • Slack actions will no longer show up in project and team notification messages if the workspace Slack integration is not enabled
  • Fixed a bug where having an issue draft would cause problems with the triage functionality
  • Fixed a problem where command menus would get cut off
  • Improved performance when creating and rendering custom views
  • Triage actions now appear at the top of the command menu
  • Fixed new comments not being posted to Intercom conversations as requested
  • Fixed a problem loading comments and issue history for issues that are moved from a private to a public team
  • Fixed a race condition in sync that could make clients fall out of sync under certain network conditions
  • Individual integration settings show enabled status more clearly, along with more information about the user who enabled it and when
  • Pressing / now correctly focuses the search field again
  • Fixed GitHub magic word matching and general issue identifier matching in text
  • Added a warning when labels or projects would be removed from an issue when it's moved to another team
  • Fixed a few cases where the default issue state would not be applied correctly
  • Added a tooltip for comments in notifications in Inbox
  • We've fixed an issue with the migration assistant that could break when processing external issue descriptions for Jira
  • It's now possible to use arrow keys to move between the issue title and description
  • Tab colors will now match your Linear theme when supported by the browser
  • Fixed a bug where issues might incorrectly be hidden from views if they had been closed and re-opened
  • Fixed visual bug in organization switcher
  • Improved GitHub and GitLab issue linking with magic words and fixed an issue where magic words wouldn't be recognized in multi-line descriptions.
  • Improved the performance of issue editor when large code blocks are present
  • Long file names for attachments will no longer overflow on smaller width screens
  • Images in editor are now displayed as smaller thumbnails
  • Issue triage actions now open in large command menu
  • Fixed cycle end dates displayed when selecting cycle from a list.
  • Referencing the current issue in a comment will no longer create a relation from the current issue to itself
  • Relations referencing an issue from itself will no longer be created when merging issues
  • Added `Ctrl`+`L` shortcut to link URL to issue
  • Fixed a bug where issues restored from archive would be archived again the following day
  • Mentioning parent & child issues in comments no longer creates a relation
  • Admins will now be able to see and modify all issue imports
  • Zooming on tall images no longer causes them to extend off the bottom of the screen
  • If someone deletes an issue while you're looking at it, issue history is now correctly retained