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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Audit log

Audit Log

Linear Plus plan subscribers have now access to Audit Log which tracks important security related events for your workspace. We track new sessions, changes to workspace settings, integrations and any authentication related changes. You can view recent log events from workspace settings, or query and filter them through Linear's GraphQL API. Logs are retained for 90 days.

Audit Log is available for all Plus plan subscribers.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added buttons to create an issue from list group headers when grouping by cycle, project & assignee
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pipe characters in issue titles
  • Only admins are now allowed to toggle the Milestones feature
  • Fixed a bug in Safari where the color picker didn't show any colors
  • Fixed a bug where board layout would look weird on user pages
  • Updated the positioning of command menus
  • Made the template picker easier to find
  • [API] Added new endpoint `issueBatchUpdate` that can be used to updated multiple issues with one request
  • Fixed some GitHub issue descriptions causing imports of those issues to fail
  • Fixed a bug where issues created in active cycles would end up in the backlog
  • Added a Linear Preview feature to use board layout and manual ordering with any grouping
  • Fixed bug where the "Active issues are required to belong to a cycle" setting would not be respected
  • Fixed a bug where the Comment button would not work in Safari
  • Fixed showing the correct issue ID in toast after issue is moved between team
  • Fixed a double click + right click interpreted as triple click in the editor
  • Fixes tab navigation in Favorites sidebar section
  • Improved handling of expired GitLab tokens.
  • Double clicking desktop titlebar now respects system preferences
  • Tab in a todo list now correctly nests the list item
  • Fixed bug in desktop app where Cmd+arrow would not work in input fields
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing the desktop app from updating. Please grab the latest version from our download page.
  • Team visibility settings have been moved from Team Members to General settings section
  • Added support for Clojure in code blocks
  • Assignees and creators will now be properly transferred over from GitHub when mapped to existing users and using the issue migration assistant
  • Old issue URL's now redirect to reflect the latest issue identifier