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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Desktop Navigation

Desktop Navigation

Today we're rolling out a new version of our desktop application with improved navigation controls and recent issue history navigation. These changes will bring our desktop application closer to the navigation controls found in the web version. To quickly jump between issues Recent Issue History menu displays the list of issues you accessed recently. You can also access the same list through Open Issue... shortcut O then I.

In addition to visual back and forward buttons, we also added new keyboard shortcuts (CmdArrowLeft CmdArrowRight) in addition to existing ones (Cmd[ Cmd]) to make keyboard navigation easier on some non-US keyboard layouts.

If you already have the Linear desktop application installed, you will get a prompt to upgrade to the latest version (1.4.0). If you don't yet have the desktop app installed download from

Fixes and improvements

  • Inbox notifications for comments now scroll and highlight the corresponding comment in issue view
  • Default templates are applied when creating issues from the + button in the list and board headers
  • Previewing a Figma link is now faster and smoother
  • Clearer selection state in the editor
  • Added controls for setting the default status for new issues
  • Issue imports are now correctly marked as "processing" when they are enqueued for processing
  • Issue history now correctly uses the avatar of the user assigning the issue to another user
  • Fixed editor suggestions hanging on screen after issue creation modal is minimized
  • Fixed edge case where the active cycle would briefly disappear from the UI
  • Fixed an issue where users were incorrectly deleted from the client, leading to crashes
  • Fixed the layout of the invite accept screen
  • Fixed error when changing an issue to/from blocked from another relationship
  • Fixed formatting of user avatars when undoing actions
  • Fixed a bug where "hidden columns" would be empty after deleting a hidden status
  • Fixed uploading the same file multiple times would not work in the editor
  • Fixed unfurling of custom view links in Slack
  • Improved the display of images that could not be loaded in the editor
  • The Slack integration will no longer show an error when an issue is being created from a very long message