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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Small fixes & improvements

Small fixes & improvements

We love launching new features, but this week we have focused on smaller bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements to the product. Here are some highlights:

Ordering by link count

When keeping track of user requests you often get a lot of links in related issues. To help with prioritizing requests we have added the option to sort lists by the number of links in each ticket. To enable this, go to the view options menu in the top right corner and select "Link count" under "Ordering". You can also display information about links in issues in the list view by enabling the "Links" display property.

Improvements to multi-team views

For views with issues from multiple teams, we have improved the performance in cases where only a few teams are filtered out. This should bring noticeable speed improvements to such views in larger workspaces. We also made it possible to hide all columns in multi-team board views.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug that would cause duplicate relations between issues to be created
  • Fixed hover styling on section headers in the sidebar
  • Fixed issue where you could get board views grouped by the wrong property
  • Fixed a bug which caused some projects to not be archived
  • Generated branch names will no longer include emoji characters
  • Issues imported from Asana will now have subtasks added as a checklist on the parent issue
  • Fixed issue history entries so they don't line-break in the middle of words
  • Links created via the API will no longer all be grouped together when filtering by link source
  • We now disconnect unusable Sentry integrations that had their tokens expired due to a previous bug
  • Old team identifiers can now be deleted in the team general settings
  • We now correctly escape Jira project keys in the Migration Assistant
  • We fixed some bugs and edge cases with image uploads
  • GitHub/GitLab integration doesn't share issue details from private teams in linkbacks anymore
  • Improved the positioning of the floating toolbar in issue and comment editor
  • Improved performance of accepting triage issues