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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Easier invites & Webhook improvements

Easier invites

Inviting people into your workspace is a key component of access management and we've improved the flow that makes it easier to accept invites and mitigates some previous edge cases.

Accepting an invite email will now work even if you're already signed into Linear and have an existing account, and works even if you're not signed into the correct account that the invite is for. This makes the entire process clearer.

We've also added the ability to easily resend invites. You can find this feature in the Members section where the outstanding invitations are displayed at the end of the list.

Webhook improvements

We've recently made a few improvements to webhooks. You can now find webhooks in organization API settings, allowing you to create webhooks for all public teams in your organization. Existing webhooks will continue to work in the same way, and you can still create webhooks for individual teams.

OAuth applications now also have the ability to create webhooks. This is useful if you want notifications about relevant events pushed to your app rather than having to poll for updates. Whenever a new organization authorizes your application, a webhook will be created, sending the events of your choice to your provided URL. We recommend switching to webhooks rather than frequently polling, especially if you are polling a large data set. Check out the webhook documentation for more information.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved support of Jira on-premise installations in migration assistant.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause the desktop app to consistently use more CPU after a fresh login
  • Selected labels are now grouped together in menus
  • We now properly notify admins and revoke Figma and Sentry integrations if we can't access the services anymore
  • Projects with zero effort now correctly show progress
  • When moving issues between teams, your teams are now listed at the top
  • Improved user experience and speed of moving issues between teams
  • Fixed issue suggestion widget on the editor that might not show the exact match for an issue identifier
  • Fixed url redirection to the wrong issue after moving it to another team
  • Notification reminder emails for a single notification now have more descriptive subject lines