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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Multi-team boards & manual ordering

Multi-team boards & manual ordering

It's now possible to use board layout for all* views in Linear. This includes the "All" tab under multi-team views as well as all custom views. Previously, only views containing issues from a single team could be manually ordered and viewed in board layout. Since teams can have their own states and each state is its own column on a board, some issues on multi-team boards will be moved to another team when they’re dragged to certain columns. When moving an issue to a state that only exists on another team, you will need to confirm that you meant to move the issue to that team. In addition to board layout, manual ordering in list layout is also available for multi-team views. To enable board view or manual ordering, go to view preferences in the top right corner of the view.

* My Issues, Archived issues, and completed cycles can not be viewed using board layout

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed caret jumping in the editor in Firefox when navigating with arrow keys
  • Fixed issue where dragging inside of the search input on the desktop app moved the window
  • Fixed an issue that caused comment and issue content to disappear when the theme was changed
  • Reopening a closed pull request is now also displayed in Linear
  • Fixed an issue where special characters would not be filtered from generated branch names
  • Fixed some places on the desktop app where the window was not draggable, but it should have been
  • You can now filter by issue attachment source, e.g. Intercom, Slack, Zendesk, etc.
  • Fixed a bug causing issue migrations to sometimes fail when importing users
  • We now respect pointer settings on the search page
  • Fixed a bug where issue history would be displayed in the wrong order
  • The user mapping section in the migration assistant correctly recognizes existing users and allows you to map/search all workspace members
  • The billing page now correctly updates after updating your payment method
  • Fixed a bug preventing some URLs from being used for issue attachment links
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't delete templates that were the default for team or non-team members
  • Relations are now created to issues when they are mentioned in issue descriptions
  • Fixed a bug where in certain situations a canceled issue might be moved to the next cycle