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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Summer time


The team has been enjoying the summer by taking some well-deserved time off, and our skeleton crew has mainly been focusing on performance improvements, bug fixes, and other small improvements over the past weeks.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved startup performance for large workspaces
  • Allowing attachments created from URLs to be added if we can't download an icon for them
  • Issue badges are now wider on large screens
  • Inviting multiple people to a workspace is now easier as the field accepts multiple email addresses at a time
  • Canceling an issue edit will only show a confirm prompt if there were changes
  • Allow Shift+ mouse wheel to scroll horizontally on the timeline
  • Added two settings to the Intercom integration to control when an internal note should be posted to an Intercom conversation based on the action that occurred to a linked issue
  • Filtering is now available in the Triage view
  • Triage issues are now shown in board view
  • You can now specify a title for attachments added from a generic URL
  • Improved error messaging for the Intercom integration if your organization only has private teams
  • Notifications can now be snoozed until any date or time by typing the date and/or time into the command menu once the snooze action has been selected
  • When deleting or snoozing a notification on the notification view using the shortcuts for the actions (D and H, respectively), you will now automatically move to the next notification in your inbox
  • The macOS desktop client will now properly display navigation controls in the issue list in smaller window widths
  • Suspended users can now be removed from projects
  • Closed GitHub issues are being correctly fetched to be imported with the migration assistant
  • Board issue widgets now show sub-issue counts
  • The tooltip for the "Triage" section in the sidebar now shows the correct navigation shortcut
  • Notifications can now be snoozed until any date or time by typing the date and/or time into the command menu once the snooze action has been selected
  • Issue history will now have an entry for issues that were imported. In addition, the original creator of the imported issue will also now be properly displayed.
  • Usage limit notifications will no longer be shown for files uploaded in the "Contact support" modal
  • Avatars from Clubhouse will now be properly displayed and imported during an issue migration
  • The sidebar section for teams you are not a member of has been renamed "Other teams" rather than "All teams"
  • API: Dates within attachment subtitles can now be formatted if the date is provided as a variable. Please see the docs for more details.
  • Attachments can now be dragged ontop of the fast issue create modal even when one of the property drop-downs is active
  • Improved history management
  • The issue editor will no longer think an issue has been updated when it has not been updated and the user is navigating away from the editor
  • Fixed a problem where under certain circumstances, child issues would not immediately be visible on an issue
  • Fixed an issue that caused the local cache to be deleted unnecessarily
  • Fixed a bug causing some shortcuts to not work in the new notification view
  • Fixed URL encoding for searches including characters
  • Fixed an issue where multiple triage states might have been created for certain organizations
  • Fixed Figma preview showing below the "New issue" modal
  • Fixed issue description not updating in the issue view when another user updates it
  • Fixed a bug causing errors when accepting a triage issue
  • Fixed internal GraphQL error when querying empty connections
  • Fixed a bug preventing issues from being reopened when linked pull requests were reverted
  • Fixed a bug preventing Intercom integrations from being deleted