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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Private teams & migration assistant

Private teams

As your company grows, you'll likely need to restrict access to a portion of your issues. For example, one team might be working on something that is supposed to be a surprise to the rest of the company, or the team might be forced to sign NDAs with an integration partner and keep details of their work hidden even from the rest of the company.

Whatever your reason to hide some issues from the rest of the workspace, you can now create private teams and have more fine-grained control over who can join the team.

When you create a private team or make an existing team private, you become the owner of the team. Only the team owner and workspace admins can invite users to private teams, and only active team members can see issues in a private team. To control access, we have a new members section under team settings.

Migration Assistant

A couple of months ago, we launched importers in preview, allowing you to quickly import your issues, labels, projects, epics, and more from Jira, GitHub, Asana, and Clubhouse directly into your Linear workspace. Since then, we have continued to improve the importing experience. You can now customize how you would like to import issues and team members, as well as see a preview of what data will be imported with the new migration assistant.

If you are an admin, visit your workspace's import settings to get started.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated supported browsers. We now target modern browsers to improve Javascript loading performance
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut conflict (Ctrln) with new Windows application
  • Fixed image loading issues as part of new user onboarding
  • Fixes race condition when creating a new team and choosing to copy properties from a team that is subsequently deleted
  • Fixed a case where attaching/detaching a parent issue would cause the issue to not be saved
  • Fixed layout issues in the emoji picker
  • Fixed a rare situation where a custom view preference could crash the client
  • Moving issue between teams now correctly resets its status
  • Improved styling of radio buttons for dark themes
  • Improvements to list rendering performance
  • We now clear multi-selection when pressing Tab in a list
  • Improved list of notification settings to clarify different options
  • Pull requests and external issue attachments are now shown as part of archived issues
  • Fixes to issue estimates in custom views
  • Jira importer now correctly imports the Jira issue type as a label
  • Jira importer now imports correct issue backlinks for imported issues