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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Apple M1 & Windows support

Apple M1 & Windows desktop apps

We've updated our desktop applications to support both Apple's latest M1 chips and Windows. Downloading the M1 binary will let you run Linear's macOS desktop application without emulation, making the app run faster. To update your existing macOS application, or to download for Windows, head over to

Workspace settings overview

We've added a new section to the workspace settings to give you an overview of what features and integrations you've enabled for your workspace. The overview page also contains links to documentation for each of these features and integrations.

Fixes and improvements

  • Importing image attachments or adding links to other attachments with the Asana importer
  • Improvements to scrollbar styling
  • Added filtering by numeric shortcuts to command menu with numbered options (e.g., Open team)
  • Board navigation shortcuts will no longer trigger when you are viewing an image
  • You can now attach files when editing comments by clicking on the attachment icon rather than only dragging and dropping files
  • The drop target for files in the issue creator is now larger
  • Fixed a bug causing some issues with linked pull requests not to be viewable
  • Fixed a bug which caused Clubhouse imports for projects with a large number of stories to fail
  • Fixed the issue creator not closing when the mouse leaves the modal window during selection
  • Fixed incorrect grouping when hiding completed issues
  • Fixed selecting items by pressing space in the action menu
  • Fixed state filter for grouped views
  • Fixed Github integration to correctly connect a PR under certain circumstances