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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Issue grouping

Issue grouping options

We want to allow you to view your issues in a way that fits your workflow, which is why we added View options and Views. To further improve this, we have added the option to group issues by status (default), project, priority, estimate, assignee, cycle, or no grouping.

Grouping is available on single-team list views, for both default views and custom ones.

Google Sheets available for all Linear plans

Linear's Google Sheets integration is now available for all customers. Previously limited to Standard and Plus plans, we decided to make it available for everyone as we want even smaller teams have access to all integrations. Sheets integration syncs your issue data into a Google Sheet document periodically which allows for easy creation of custom analytics in the most common programming language out there–the spreadsheet.

Fixes and improvements

  • Small tweaks to the design of the sub-issue editor.
  • Added option to filter issues by subscriber.
  • Fixed so that we don't move issues back to a previous state when merging PRs.
  • Fixed URLs in Sentry and Slack access revoked emails.
  • Fixed a bug when switching teams in the sub-issue editor.
  • We now match Linear issues listed in GitHub pull requests regardless of capitalization.
  • Fixed a bug where GitHub PRs could be matched to the wrong Linear user.
  • Tweaked the design of project peek.
  • Removed the "We're hiring" link from notification emails. Don't be fooled though, we're still hiring.