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New updates and improvements to Linear.

GitHub notification improvements

GitHub notifications improvements

We made small but meaningful improvements to how GitHub automation changes are handled inside Linear. As we allow admins to enable the GitHub integration for everyone, we didn't know which GitHub user matched which Linear user before. With other integrations we're able to match users via email, but with GitHub, many have their accounts under their personal email addresses. To solve this, we now use both issue assignees and past GitHub pull requests to intelligently match users to their pull requests for Inbox notifications. We have also updated issue history to correctly show GitHub as the source for status changes.

Fixes and improvements

  • API: Webhooks now include restore type for unarchived events. We also cleaned up webhook payloads to match our GraphQL API responses
  • Due dates are no longer shown in lists after the issue has been completed
  • Mobile Firefox on iOS no longer shows unsupported browser message
  • Completed issues view won't show autocompleted issues anymore
  • Improved Google Sheets update reliability
  • Fixes to "Go to views" (GU) shortcut not working on all views
  • Fixes to sidebar drag&drop reordering on Safari
  • Fixes to issue creation with templates if the template was copied from another team
  • Fixes to list drag handles and multi-select styling
  • Fixed popup menu sizing in certain cases
  • Fixed sidebar workspace switcher styling for users with a lot of workspaces