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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Custom emoji and a new billing page

Custom emoji

You can now upload custom emojis to Linear. Head over to you workspace's emoji settings to upload custom emojis in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. You also have the option to import custom emojis from Slack. In Linear, emoji serve both fun and functional purposes. 🎉

Billing Page

We now have a dedicated billing page that lets you update your billing information as well as browse invoices. As requested by many Linear users, we also let you update the email address associated with your billing account.

The billing page also displays any problems with your payment method and how to contact us if needed.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improvements to retrying data synchronization under certain circumstances
  • Creating and archiving a team is now only available for workspace admins
  • Improved design for sub-actions that are matched by a search in the command menu
  • Automatically join workspace if allowed by your email domain
  • Fixes for creating new projects, but not selecting a color
  • Fixes issue list layout on small screens
  • Fixes edge cases where newly created cycles would not take the team's timezone into account.
  • Fixes to selecting checkboxes in the command menu
  • Adds highlights for various controls
  • Adds preference to turn pointers cursors back on
  • Some minor fixes to toast layout and animations
  • Copying an issue's branch name is no longer available when the issue has not yet been saved