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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Linear Preview: View options

Linear Preview: View options

In the coming weeks, we'll add better controls for many of Linear's views. Today we're introducing a new preview feature that lets you customize the layout, ordering, type and fields that are shown on issues. You can customize your view only or save your preference to make it the team's default view. Today the following options are available and we'll add more over time:

  • Layout: Pick list or board layout in cycle, project or label views
  • Ordering: We now support manual ordering for both boards and lists! Available in most team views
  • Show sub-issues: Toggle on and off sub-issues in your view
  • Display properties: Pick which issue fields you want to see in your view

You can turn on View options for your workspace by selecting Enable: New view options from the command menu (Cmdk).

Improved search results in the command menu

Searching in the command menu (Cmdk) will now also search through second-level actions and display them in the search results.

For example, if you search for "add label" it will show you the top-level "Add label..." action, but also include all the different labels that would have been displayed had you subsequently selected the "Add label..." action (e.g. "Add label Bug"). This also works when you search for text contained in a second-level action. For example, searching for "bug" will find the "Add label Bug" action.

New issue URL parameters

You can now construct new issue URLs that prefill any of the properties for the new issue. This lets you create links that assign the newly created issues to a specific person, add labels or even provide a template for a user to fill out. For example, the query parameters in this link will create a new issue with the title and description filled out and the label "bug" assigned.

The supported query params are as follows:

  • title
  • description
  • status
  • assignee
  • estimate
  • label
  • labels (comma-separated)
  • cycle
  • project

Other improvements and fixes

  • Open team actions are now ordered according to the users' team membership
  • Performance improvements to list rendering
  • Various improvements and fixes to rendering for board and list views