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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Linear Preview: Auto-closing issues

Linear Preview: Auto-close stale issues

It's common for backlogs to build up with issues that become irrelevant or will never get addressed. We're introducing issue auto-closing to automate the trouble of manually clearing stale issues. Once enabled, issues will be auto-closed and marked canceled if they haven't been updated after a certain time period.

You can turn on Auto-close for your workspace by selecting Enable: Issue auto-closing from the command menu (Cmdk). You'll configure the time period and applied status under Settings > Team > Workflow.

Other improvements and fixes

  • GitHub and GitLab now support including multiple issue IDs in the closing statement in pull request descriptions (e.g. Fixes ENG-123, DES-5 and ENG-256)
  • The Slack integration now supports setting the issue assignee
  • Integrations which change issue status now set the issue to be the top item on the board
  • Improved application load time and significantly reduced memory usage
  • Improved user search in filters
  • Improved menu closing with mouse
  • Improved focus styling on buttons and links
  • Improved checkboxes and toggles to have more area for clicks
  • Underscores are now converted into dashes in issue URLs
  • Team filter is now included in My Issues and search pages if the workspace has multiple teams
  • Emoji and user suggestions aren't included inside codeblocks anymore
  • Issue suggestions are now limited to 5 when being referenced with # in the editor
  • Stability fixes to realtime sync
  • Fixes to project graphs and completion time
  • Fixed cycle details panel on small displays
  • Fixed duplication of workflow statuses on new team creation when using another team as a base
  • Fixed application controls on Chromebooks