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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Added support to hide board columns

Hide board columns

Linear's board views now have the ability to collapse rarely used columns. This might come in handy if your team mostly works out of a few columns and would like to hide less frequently used ones.

To hide a column, select "Hide" from the board column's menu. View or unhide hidden columns by scrolling to last column of the board (to the right). You can also drag issues into hidden columns.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Issue templates will now include assignee, project and status fields
  • Removed "external" label from users and inviting new users is now limited to workspace admins
  • Issue filters now supports searching by user's username and full name
  • Webhooks for issues now include more label information (ID, name and color)
  • Added the ability to search labels and statuses across multiple teams in filters
  • Welcome email is now only sent to the first workspace a user joins
  • Warning is shown if a user decides to switch workspaces when changes are still being synced
  • Fixed timezone issues with project due dates
  • Fixes to draft pull request automation
  • Fix to arrow keys after writing an emoji in the editor