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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Login with email magic links

Login with email magic links

Until now you could sign up for Linear using a GSuite account and invited users were able to log in using their Google account.

Today we are announcing email login with magic links, which enable you to sign up and log in using any email address. We also removed the limitation where you could only invite external collaborators if they had a account.

Logging in using email magic links is simple. Type in your email and we'll send you a link. When you click the link, you'll be taken to Linear and immediately logged in.

GitHub linkbacks and PR draft automation

We've made a couple of improvements to our GitHub integration. We now correctly handle draft pull requests and there is a new workflow setting to configure drafts.

We've also made improvements to issue links that get posted to pull requests on GitHub. When you update the pull request and link new issues, the links are posted correctly.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Lots of infrastructure stability improvements
  • Improved GitHub integration stability
  • Improvements to comment animations
  • Labels are now ordered alphabetically
  • Fixes to desktop app window behavior when using them fullscreen
  • Fixes a desktop app issue where the login window could be hidden, but not re-shown
  • Fixes to desktop app sign in flow
  • Made it easier to drag desktop app windows from the issue title
  • In My Issues view, Created and Subscribed sections are now sorted by creation date
  • Fixed Shift+click to select multiple issues in lists
  • Added keyboard shortcut for creating links with Cmd+K
  • Improvements to rendering notifications emails on mobile
  • Stability improvements for the Google Sheets integration
  • Allow all characters to be used in the workspace name
  • Fixed an issue when displaying multiple PR labels
  • New sidebar header with the workspace name and logo
  • We now mark a notification as read when you interact with the issue it relates to