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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Branch naming

Branch naming

A lot of Linear users have GitHub integration enabled and use our Copy git branch name action (Command/CtrlShift.) to copy the git branch name when starting to work on an issue. We've now added the ability to change the format of the branch name that will be copied. To change it, go to your Github integration settings.

Issue estimation improvements

We made several highly requested improvements to issue estimation. Each of the following new settings can be found under your team settings.

Counting unestimated issues

You can now choose how unestimated issues are counted towards estimate totals. Counting every unestimated issue as 1 point towards the estimate totals makes the most sense for most teams, and this remains the default.

Allow zero estimates

Previously, your issues were either not estimated at all, or you had a positive estimate value. If you want to distinguish between unestimated issues, but still allow issues to not count towards the total estimate for a cycle or project, you can now enable zero point estimates.

Extended estimate scale

All of our estimate scales have 5 values by design. Larger estimates usually mean that there is a lot of uncertainty about the complexity of an issue and breaking the issue up into smaller pieces is usually the best approach. However, if you want, you can now extend the scale and add two more values to the estimates.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Comments to issues in reminder emails now include embedded images and are formatted in HTML
  • Sync resumes faster when waking your computer from sleep
  • Contextual menus now show keyboard shortcuts
  • Exact timestamps are now accessible in Issue history by hovering over the entry time
  • Fixes to scroll bars on Firefox
  • Issues in label views are now sorted correctly
  • The issue page is no longer closed when hitting Esc when viewing a fullscreen video
  • Reliability improvements to our infrastructure
  • Parse and validation errors are now correctly reported in our GraphQL API