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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Desktop app improvements: multi-window support

Desktop app improvements: multi-window support

We updated our desktop app (1.2.0) with better window management along with other improvements. Full list of updates:

  • Ability to open (Command/Ctrln) and close (Command/Ctrlw) multiple windows
  • Support for narrow window sizes
  • Better handling of in-app links and Command/Ctrl+click to open internal links in new windows
  • Improved handling of closed and minimized windows
  • Updated to Electron 8 for improved performance

If you have the app installed, it will prompt you to download the updated version soon. To manually download the app, head to

Other improvements and fixes

  • Increased list performance throughout the application. Hovering over list rows close to edges also doesn't move the list anymore.
  • Inbox now supports notification grouping
  • Back link in issue views now behaves correctly with sub-issues
  • Issue view header now shows filtered issue estimates or counts
  • Added support for longer team names
  • Added ability to filter views by team
  • My Issues view now shows blocking issues at the top
  • Cycle views don't show backlog columns anymore
  • Project status is now shown in command menu for Add to project and Filter by project actions
  • Improved documentation around GitHub issue autolinking
  • Fixed pull request link styling in board views
  • Fixes to team deletion
  • Fixed overflowing project names in projects dashboard
  • Fixed screenshot and issue links in Slack notifications
  • Fix to profile photo updating
  • Fix to allowing copying of issue title on Firefox
  • Fixes to certain screenshot aspect rations
  • Fix to My Issues shortcut in shortcuts help modal