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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Issue relations

New projects dashboard

We built projects into Linear to better manage large bodies of work which can span several members of a team. To improve the visibility of projects, we're introducing a new improved dashboard with a card-based design. It makes it easier to see the status of each project in a team and also helps with navigation.

Projects now use a new URL structure which includes the name of the project so that project links make more sense when shared across chat or email. We added link unfurling for Slack to quickly show a preview for project links. It's available for teams that have the Slack integration enabled.

Improved Inbox

We improved the Inbox with functionality that makes it easier to manage notifications. The Inbox now supports bulk actions, so you can select multiple notifications at once and perform actions on them. Notifications for new comments now also include a preview of the content, and you can preview the related issue using Issue Peek by pressing Space.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added new keyboard shortcuts to navigate between parent issues (Command/CtrlShiftArrow Up) and sub-issues (Command/CtrlShiftArrow Down)
  • Added new keyboard shortcut for changing the theme (Command/CtrlShiftl)
  • Changed team shortcuts to ctrlShift1-9 to prevent conflicts with browser tab navigation on Windows
  • Added issue history entries for the blocking and blocked issue when the blocking issue is resolved or when it is re-opened
  • Added issue popovers to issue relationship history entries
  • Issue boards now include issue relationships (blocked etc.) flags. Badges can now be clicked to change their value similar to list views
  • Added issues subquery under issueLabel and issue relationships under issues in the GraphQL API
  • Added a prompt for when the user is about to discard comment edits without saving them
  • Copy git branch shortcut won't move the issue into In Progress status anymore if it has already been marked as Done
  • Fixed issue relationship adding in the new issue compose view
  • Fixed issue subscriptions when there are more than one user @-mentioned in a comment
  • Fixed two-finger tap to bring up command menu on mobile
  • Fixed issue edit mode for issues with "edit" in their title
  • Fixed exiting settings with Esc
  • Fixed regression in Webhooks which caused newly created notifications to appear with action: update
  • Fixed pasting embed URLs with whitespace in them