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New updates and improvements to Linear.


Issue relations

This week we shipped a highly requested feature - issue relations. With issue relations, you can annotate relationships between issues. We start with three different relationships:

  • An issue is being blocked by another issue
  • An issue is blocking another issue
  • An issue is referencing another issue

Blocking references can be added from the bottom of the status selection in list views and issue detail views, or through the command menu. We also have new keyboard shortcuts to give you quick access to adding and removing relationships:

  • m then b - Mark an issue as being blocked
  • m then x - Mark an issue as blocking another issue
  • m then r - Reference another issue
  • Shiftm - Remove a relation

Issue mentions

The editor has also been updated to make it easy to reference issues in issue descriptions or comments. The easiest way to link another issue is to write the identifier of an issue (e.g LIN-123), followed by a space, or copy-paste it. This will immediately turn the text into a link to the issue.

If you don't know the exact identifier of the issue you want to reference, you can bring up a lightweight issue search tool by typing a pound sign (#), followed by the team identifier (e.g #LIN) or search term (e.g #design). This will bring up a dropdown menu that you can use to select the appropriate issue.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added hover popovers for users, issues, projects and cycles in the issue history
  • The project due date now works correctly in all timezones
  • Titles in the issue board are now truncated beyond 2 lines on supported browsers
  • The project editor now validates input on the client-side and enforces max lengths for project descriptions
  • Fixes to recursive redirects for issues whose title only contains special characters
  • Fixes to title input validation for GraphQL endpoints for creating and updating issues
  • Fixes to the description of issues created from Slack
  • Fixes to infrastructure when dealing with large application loads
  • Fixes the cycle and project links in the issue details for mobile devices
  • Clicking on the title of issue lists will now bring up the navigation options as a small command menu instead of a big one