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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Automated Google Sheets export

Automated Google Sheets export

To make analytics easier, we added integration with Google Sheets. Once enabled, a new Sheets document is created under your account and kept up to date, when changes occur on your Linear issues. This makes it easy to build your analytics dashboards, look at statistics and manage any custom metrics your team might track.

Better issue URLs

URLs should be memorable, descriptive and systematic. Linear has historically used the format for issue URLs which made modifying easy and you could automate linking in tools such as GitHub. In Slack, due to unfurling, you get a nice preview instantly, but as a vanilla URL, the issue number alone is far from descriptive. Today we're changing the format to include the slug of the issue's title, making your URLs look like The title part is optional and old URLs are still functional.

Along with nicer looking URLs, we also made changes to keep track of previous URLs when issues are moved between teams. This way all past links will resolve correctly.

Cycle auto-assign settings

Team settings now include a new preference for Cycles. You can now disable automatic assigning of issues that are not yet in a cycle but get started or completed during one. Both preferences are enabled by default for new and existing teams.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Significant speed improvements to first time application start time
  • New shortcut to copy issue URL: Command/CtrlShift,
  • Added option to group/ungroup issue history entries for auditing purposes
  • Cycle sidebar works better with long user names
  • Several fixes to notifications
  • Shorter format for multiple pull requests in list and board views
  • Better hover highlights for issue lists
  • Nicer default avatar colors when the user hasn't uploaded a picture of themselves yet
  • Fixed bug when removing project target date
  • Fixed bug with pasting text to code-blocks
  • Fixed drag & drop for files to posted comments
  • Fixes to embedding of pasted Figma URLs
  • Fixes to comment animations
  • Fixes to re-inviting users