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New updates and improvements to Linear.



For quite some time, we've had a preview of our API available to query and manipulate your data on demand. This week, we added the other side of the equation: programmatically listening to changes that happen in Linear.

Webhooks allow you to receive HTTP push notifications to a URL whenever data in Linear changes. We begin with the two most important data objects - Issues and Comments - but will gradually expand Webhooks to cover most data objects in Linear.

You can configure webhooks in your team settings. The configured URL will be called whenever any issue or comment in Linear is created or updated, and you'll receive the entire data object as the payload. For updates, we'll also let you know what the previous values for all changed properties were.

To get started, read our Webhook documentation.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • You can now paste Markdown into issue descriptions and comments and it will be converted to rich text automatically
  • Adding or removing an issue from a project will now generate an issue history entry
  • Archiving an issue will now generate an issue history entry
  • Sub-issues will now be created as active issues if the parent issue isn't in the backlog
  • Sub-issues will now copy the project of their parent issue when created
  • The editor formatting toolbar now has a dedicated blockquote button
  • When the application needs to refresh itself it will no longer do so if you're editing an issue
  • Reliability improvements to Slack notifications
  • Fixed issues with creation timestamps being displayed incorrectly