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New updates and improvements to Linear.

New command menu

New command menu

The command menu is one of the core components of Linear and lets you execute any command with just a few keystrokes. We already have hundreds of actions that range from modifying issue properties to switching between UI themes. With the number of commands set to increase with new functionality, we wanted to revisit how commands are grouped, ordered and displayed.

The new command menu groups its commands based on their functionality. Groups are prioritized based on what you are focusing on, or the view you're currently in. For example, if you are looking at cycles, the command menu will first display commands that are related to cycles. Groups are then further subdivided based on the type of command, making it easier to skim over large sets. Icons further help find what you're looking for.

Support for retina screenshots

Linear now supports correct dimensions for 2x retina resolution screenshots in PNG format. Correct image dimensions are set when the file is uploaded through the editor.

Why didn't we support this before, one might ask? Even modern browsers don't expose the real dimension information and therefore render the image like it would have been zoomed in 200%. To determine the correct information, we have to read the header information from the raw PNG data and use pHYs header (physical pixel dimensions) to determine if the image's real resolution.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Cycles now display weekdays left until completion instead of days left
  • Added filters for open and closed issues
  • Improved styling of code-blocks in the editor
  • Links can now be opened in the link editor when editing an issue
  • Figma embeds work more reliably
  • Label and project pages now include backlog issues
  • Label pages for labels that contain slashes now work correctly
  • The desktop app now uses the browser for authentication to improve reliability
  • Deleting notifications now result in a more accurate toast message