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New updates and improvements to Linear.

GitHub workflow

GitHub workflow

GitHub workflow is one of the most powerful features in Linear. As a developer, it enables you to track the status of your work automatically as you work on your branches. Being an important part of the experience, we added the GitHub setup to the onboarding.

After GitHub has been connected, new users joining the workspace will get tips on how to efficiently use the GitHub integration in their workflow.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Re-mapped the save filters keyboard shortcut to Command/CtrlOptionf to avoid conflicting with the remove all filters command
  • Fixed an issue which caused some pages (e.g. issues for a label) not updating in realtime
  • Issue created notifications that originated from Slack will no longer be sent back to Slack
  • The assignees' list now only shows active users
  • @mention listings now only show active users
  • The issue subscription dialog now only shows active users
  • The editor will now only convert dashes and stars to horizontal rules when entered at the beginning of a line
  • Fixed the nullability of the user avatar in the GraphQL API