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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Secured a USD 4.2M Seed Round

Secured a USD 4.2M Seed Round

We are creating software for startups and companies who look to create impact. We believe creators should be able to focus on work, not managing their work, and managers should be able to focus on creating alignment and direction, and not micro-managing timelines and tasks. Any process shouldn’t come in the way of creating.

To build this vision, we’ve raised a USD 4.2M seed round, led by Sequoia Capital with participation from Index Ventures and others. Read more about this investment in our Medium post.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • YouTube video's can now be embedded in issue details and comments. Just paste a YouTube link into the editor to embed.
  • Headers now display issue estimates instead of issue counts
  • Repo names are now visible in GitHub pull requests in the issue detail view
  • Fixes an issue that let the user save an issue and comment before file uploads were completed
  • Labels now have a larger hit-area for the delete action
  • Pinch-to-zoom is now disabled for mobile devices
  • Auth windows now open as neat pop-ups instead of full-screen web pages
  • Fixed colors for links in the People settings page
  • Fixes misalignments in the People settings page
  • New website to explain some of the functionality of Linear