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New updates and improvements to Linear.

New sidebar

New sidebar

We've redesigned the sidebar to accommodate larger organizations and improve speed and usability. Users can now leave and join teams from the drop-down menu of each team. Leaving a team will move the team to an "All teams" section of the sidebar, enabling you to focus on the teams that you actively work with. Issues can still be assigned to users that are not part of the team, but the user interface will highlight which users are not part of the team that the issue belongs to.

Individual sections and teams in the sidebar can be collapsed and Linear will remember which sections the user collapsed to persist this information across sessions.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Linear access is now revoked if the access to the associated Google account is suspended
  • List views now correctly account for varying issue ID widths
  • A newly created sub-issue will now copy the cycle property of its parent
  • The issue title now as correct margins and will resize itself to multiple rows when the window is resized
  • Added new command menu action to copy issue description in markdown format
  • The user page layout has been improved
  • Fixed issues with command menu animation issues with the latest Chrome
  • Fixed recognizing Enter in issue and comment editor for certain input strings
  • Integration authentication dialogs have been moved into popup windows
  • Disabled pinch-to-zoom on mobile devices
  • Push notifications are no longer sent to suspended users
  • Moving up/down a list with k and j now also works when Ctrl is pressed