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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Better Slack notifications

Better Slack notifications

Consuming the full firehose of Linear updates in a Slack channel can get overwhelming at times. Each team can now choose which Linear updates to send to their Slack channel. You can receive notifications of newly created issues, new comments on existing issues and all updates to existing issues. Head over to your team settings to make adjustments.

Refer a friend

Have a friend who would like to use Linear? You can now refer them and they will skip the invite waitlist.

To refer a friend, search for "Refer to Linear" in the command menu or select the option from the main options menu. We'll ask your friend to fill out our beta survey to make sure Linear is ready for them. Once the survey has been submitted, we'll be in touch within a few days.

Mobile improvements

Pressing Command/CtrlK to bring up the command menu isn't very mobile-friendly. To bring the command menu to the reach of mobile users, we added a two-finger tap gesture that brings up the command menu on touch-screen devices.

Linear is now also a progressive web app. You can install it to your home screen for quick access using the browser on your mobile phone or tablet. When browsing Linear, hit Options > Add to home screen.

Furthermore, we went through every screen in the application and improved the way we render each of them on mobile devices with limited screen real-estate.

Improved dark mode

We've improved the visual appearance of pop-overs, tooltips and buttons with the introduction of an elevation system. This increases the contrast between elevated components in dark mode.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Settings can now be closed using Esc
  • Fixed some email validation issues in the invite users from
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now more easily browsable on small screens
  • Fixed client crashes when deleting an existing team
  • Fixed upcoming cycles not correctly being created when a team has previously archived cycles
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts incorrectly capturing key input when trying to enter text on some input fields
  • Fixed code-blocks in editor when using Firefox
  • Disabled spellchecking in code-blocks
  • Fixed a daylight saving time issue when rendering weekends on in the cycle burn-up graph
  • Weekends are now correctly rendered in the cycle burn-up graph for users in different timezones than the team