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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Responsive web application

Responsive web application

Linear's web application is now responsive and scales for both tablets and smartphone screens. While most developers use Linear on their desktop, it's common to add new issues in a meeting or quickly reply to a comment on the go. We didn't want to dumb down the experience for mobile users and instead decided to make the whole application adapt to all screen sizes. This is an ongoing process and we'll improve the experience over time.

Invite external users

External Gmail users can now be invited to join Linear teams. This should help onboard contractors and partners in situations where they don't have access to your GSuite. Right now external users get access to all your workspace data with the limitation of not being able to invite other users. We'll expand access level control over time. If your team has more specific needs, please send us feedback.

Label pages

Pages are now available for each label, grouping issues tagged with the label. Clicking a label in the issue list or detail views opens the label page. You can add it to your sidebar for quick access through favorites. There's also a new shortcut for quickly jumping into a label page (O then L).

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Added option to change between light and dark theme based on your OS system preference
  • Improved application cold startup time significantly for larger teams
  • Added option to subscribe to changelog updates in the new user onboarding
  • Added text filtering for views (Command/CtrlF)
  • Added ability to subscribe to your cycle schedule thought a calendar feed (available in command menu when viewing cycles).
  • Added developer action to copy model UUIDs from the command menu
  • Cycle schedules can now be added to the calendar.
  • Fixed bug where modals closed for text selection
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts when interacting with input fields
  • Fixed real-time updates for comment edits