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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Figma integration

Figma integration

We love Figma, and use it to design Linear. To make it easier to share design mocks in Linear, we now have an integration which converts Figma links into design previews inside Linear. Just copy a link to specific artboard, or a file, and we'll generate a preview image and a link in few seconds.

On technical implementation, we build this integration from ground up on Figma's API with their OAuth2 authentication. Instead just using Figma's standard Embed, this gives us several advantages:

  • Performance - Figma's Embeds are heavy to load and they had significant performance impact to our frontend rendering. Loading an image with a link is as fast as loading any other image.
  • Support for private Figma files - Figma Embeds only work with public files. Loading screenshots via their API allows us to embed any file.
  • Snapshot in time - When you share a mock as a comment, it's not ideal that the mock changes over time. _ Select what to show - You can select a specific artboard to be rendered as the preview image. Useful when you want to use the main design element or cover page as the preview.
  • Embed on demand - You can click the preview image to open Figma's Embed in its full glory if you want to dive into the asset without opening full Figma.

One-click cycle planning

It's common to go through all team members in cycle planning or retro. Instead of applying user filter after user filter, we made this one-click action: hover over the user in cycle sidepanel and select "Filter". This combined with issue peek and you'll be done with your meeting in no time.

New shortcut commands and keys

We added new shortcut commands for quick opening views:

  • o then c - Open cycle…
  • o then p - Open project…
  • o then f - Open favorite…
  • o then u - Open user…

All these commands are also available in the command menu (Command/Ctrlk). You can also trigger them from the header by clicking the title of the current view (e.g. cycle name in cycle view).

In addition to open commands we added keyboard shortcuts to all the available sidebar links:

  • g then x - Open closed issues
  • g then e - Open all issues
  • g then b - Open issue board
  • g then v - Open active cycle

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Sub-issues in issue now fit more relevant information (removed ID and creation date)
  • Better link color for issue descriptions in dark mode
  • Improved shadow styling for cycle sidebar
  • Issue estimate is now included in issue peek view
  • Empty columns are now hidden in board view when filtering against status
  • Added confirm step for moving issues between teams
  • Sidebar favorites are now ordered by the time of favoriting
  • Search now includes issue descriptions
  • Fixed missing color from project edit modal
  • Fixed closing of keyboard help modal with Esc
  • Fixes to comment compose
  • Fixed exception when filtering cycles
  • Fixed bugs in favoriting which lead to app crashing
  • Fixed scheduled cycle closing