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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Video uploads and player

Video uploads and player

For new designs or bug reports, videos can tell more than pictures or words. Linear now supports video uploads as well as Loom embeds.

To embedd a video, just drag and drop a video file onto the issue description or comment field or paste in a Loom link and it will automatically be embedded.

Easier way to send feedback

We want to learn as much as possible from you on how we can improve Linear. We've added an easier way to send feedback from the app sidebar. We also have a new Slack community, the link of which you can find in the settings menu.

Copy issue link

In addition to copying the issue id and git branch name, you can now also easily copy a link to the issue. Use the icon on the right corner or use the action menu (copy issue url).

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added clear-button for search field
  • The project name in the project editor now automatically receives focus
  • Improvements to sync reliability
  • Fixed a problem where one could accidentally archive a project instead of an issue within a project