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New updates and improvements to Linear.

GitHub Pull Request improvements

GitHub Pull Request improvements

New automation for PR reviews

Linear has supported GitHub pull request automation for opened and closed PRs since day one. We noticed it's common for teams to separate the time they work on an issue, and the time when an associated PR is waiting to be reviewed. You can now automate this by creating a new workflow state (e.g. In Review) and have Linear move issues to it when a review has been requested on an associated pull request.

Linear will now also show when a review has been requested on an associated pul request.

Reopen issue when pull request is reverted

Not all merges go well and sometimes you'll need to revert a merged PR. Linear is now aware of these reverts and will automatically reopen the associated issue so you won't forget about it.

De-associate pull requests from Linear issues

We added new actions to de-associated pull requests from issues. You can find them from the command menu by typing "github".

Pull request links

Lists and board now include links to the associated pull requests. This makes it much faster to open the pull request of an issue, or to glance what issues have PR's open.

Subscription management

Subscribing (Shifts) and unsubscribing (Command/CtrlShifts) to issue updates is now built into the issue comment section. You can quickly toggle your subscription and see who else is subscribed to the issue. To keep your team up to date, you can also subscribe others to an issue.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Links in the project description can now be opened from the project list
  • Improved data sync reliability
  • Fixed workflow status sorting in certain cases
  • Fixed moving an issue to a new team when they have sub-issues
  • Fixed board ordering bug
  • Fixed bug causing uncompleted issues from moving to next cycle