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New updates and improvements to Linear.

New search

New search

The search view has been redesigned and the search input has been moved to the sidebar. With this change, search is faster to use and you're also able to filter the results of your query the same way as you would filter other views.

Improved list multi-select

Linear has always had basic multi-selection of issues for applying shortcuts and actions to several issues at once. To make this easier and faster, we added more ways to select multiple issues and accidentally discovered even new UI patterns (tweet).

There are now four ways to select issues in list view:

  • Select issues individually by clicking the checkbox or pressing x
  • Select range by first selecting one issue and then selecting another one while holding down Shift
  • Hold Shift and press Arrow Up/Arrow Down to expand selection
  • Hold Shift and move the mouse over other issues to select

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved code highlighting performance
  • Improved page title updating
  • New actions for copying the URL to the active project and current view
  • New shortcut for assigning issue to a project (Shiftp)
  • You are now redirected to the previous view after archiving an issue
  • Creating new issues in the Active Issues view now sets their statuses to active
  • My Issues view has a new welcome screen for new users
  • Notifications are now grouped per issue in emails
  • Fixed bug on keyboard actions after issue selection
  • Minor visual updates to boards