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New updates and improvements to Linear.

Cycles are here!

Cycles are here!

Cycles are no longer a developer preview feature and are available to every team. We've added a neat side-bar to the cycle view (Command/Ctrli) that gives you a great overview of the cycle. It helps you figure out where you're at in the cycle and what the workload for each of your team-members looks like.

You can enable cycles in your team settings

Email notification improvements

Linear was a bit too eager to send emails on unread notifications. We've tweaked the delays to be based on the urgency of the notification.

  • Unread urgent notifications are delivered via email after 30 seconds
  • Unread mention notifications are sent after 5 minutes
  • Unread issue assignment notifications are sent after 1 hour
  • Unread comment notifications on issues that you subscribe to are sent after 1 hour

Other improvements and fixes

  • Comments now have a submit button. If you still prefer to submit via the keyboard, Command/CtrlEnter is there to help you
  • The list group rows received a small + button that lets you quickly create a new issue for that workflow state
  • The action menu has new colors in dark mode
  • A toast is now displayed when saving team settings
  • Added "Remove from cycle" command
  • The issue's back button now works the same as hitting Esc
  • Cycles and projects are now automatically removed from issues that are moved to another team
  • Fixes to some rendering issues with the cycle burn-up chart
  • Fixes a problem where the action menu would not always show up when pressing Command/Ctrlk