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Default home view

Set your default home view.

Linear settings showing the default home view setting


This account level setting lets you set the default view that opens whenever you close or log out of Linear and re-open/re-login.

G then S to go to Settings > Account > Preferences


Go to Settings > My Account > Preferences to set your default home view.


Default options

This preference defaults to your team's Active issues view, which is the view that shows all issues that are in an Unstarted or Started workflow status.

To change your default home view, open the dropdown menu to select from any of these default views:

  • All issues
  • Active issues
  • Current cycle
  • Inbox
  • My Issues
  • Favorited Views
  • Favorited Projects

Favorited views

You can make any custom view your default home view by favoriting it. This will add the view to the sidebar as well as list the option in the default home view dropdown.


It's not possible to make other default or favorited views (e.g. Triage) the default home view.