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Customer Story


Felt like Linear was made for us

We’d tried many tools before Linear but none of them felt like they were made for the way we work. Linear was a breath of fresh air - speedy, snappy, and a pleasure to use.

Features like keyboard shortcuts and the GitHub integration are treated like first class citizens. Linear has changed the way we work, too. It’s so quick to create issues that we’ve moved to a “no work without a ticket” approach. This improves traceability and makes it easier to see progress and what’s being worked on. When we looked at our Cycle insights recently, we noticed that we had completed twice the amount of issues than we had initially planned at the start of the cycle. It felt good.

Signature of Dom Busser
Dom Busser
Director of Engineering
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San Francisco, 2015


Accel, CRV, GV

Building with Linear since

August 2021