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News|Nov 21, 2019

Linear’s Next Chapter: Announcing our $4.2M Seed Round

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ion to help us maintain this inspiration and excitement (as well as steal it away from us).

We were happy to see how much our vision has resonated with other engineers and designers. Since our announcement, we have had thousands of small and large companies sign up to our waitlist, and have heard across the board that teams are eager to upgrade to a solution like Linear.

Today, hundreds of companies are using Linear daily to build software. We are especially excited to support next-generation companies like Pitch, Render, Albert, Curology, Spoke, Compound and several new YC startups like Middesk, Catch and Visly. Many companies have mentioned that they want their teams to use the best tools available since they themselves want to build the best products for their respective markets.

Our Investors

To help us scale with the demand for our product, we are excited to partner with Sequoia Capital (Stephanie Zhan) as our lead investor on our seed round. This funding brings with it the opportunity to learn from Sequoia’s long history and tribal knowledge supporting category-defining and enduring companies. We are also thrilled to have participation from Index Ventures (Sarah Cannon) who has backed many existing and upcoming next-generation tools.

In addition, many experienced operators and angel investors are participating in the round. These investors will also advise the company and they include Dylan Field (Founder and CEO, Figma), Emilie Choi (COO, Coinbase), Charlie Cheever (Co-Founder of Expo & Quora), Gustaf Alströmer (Partner, Y Combinator), Tikhon Berstram (Co-Founder, Parse), Larry Gadea (CEO, Envoy), Jude Gomila (CEO, Golden), James Smith (CEO, Bugsnag), Fred Stevens-Smith (CEO, Rainforest), Bobby Goodlatte, Marc McCabe, Julia DeWahl, Dan Romero and others.

The Path Forward

We will continue to focus on creating the best possible issue tracking experience for our core users. Linear will remain a fast and powerful interface to your team’s work that gets out of the way, integrates well with their workflow and lets individuals focus on their work.

Secondly, we want to evolve industry practices. We believe next-generation companies should also use next-generation practices. We want to work with the most forward-looking companies in the field and evolve everyone’s practices around how software is designed and built. Linear will embody these best practices and help teams run their day-to-day coordination more efficiently, reduce wasteful meetings and bring all of their focus back to meaningful work.

To maintain the momentum (weekly changelog) as we grow, we are expanding our founding team. We are looking for people who believe in the mission of building great software. As we see the remote and distributed work model becoming the new norm, we want to help build other companies as well as our own with this model. (See our remote job openings).

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We deeply appreciate your support, and we will never take it for granted.

If you want to try out Linear in your team, sign up for the waitlist

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