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Linear helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks, and bug tracking. It’s built for high-performance teams.

Screenshot of the Linear interface showing a list of active issues.

Powering the next generation of companies

An experience you'd expect from a professional tool.

Opinionated and designed for daily use.

< 100ms

Built for speed

Synchronized in real-time across all users. No spinners or waiting.

Keyboard first design

Optimized for efficiency with extensive keyboard shortcuts.

For software teams

Created by software people for software product teams.

Works offline

Access and make changes with or without internet access.

Light and dark UI

We have multiple themes. Use light or dark, your choice.

Multiple teams

Have all your teams in one shared workspace.

Interface, streamlined.

Robust. Fast to navigate. Create issues in seconds. Add priorities, labels and estimates.

List and board. See your issues in either a list or board view.

Linear's board view of an active cycle in light mode.
Linear's issue details view showing an example issue in dark mode.

Meet your command line

Any action can be accessed and completed in seconds with the command menu.
Animation showing how to use the arrow keys to navigate through Linear's command menu.
Linear's cycle view with a graph that represents issue completion progress over time.

Build team momentum with Cycles

Velocity and estimates. Track your team’s workload and velocity.

Automated. Cycles run on an automated schedule, so you can focus on your work.

Set direction with Roadmap

Focus on the big picture. Set milestones to tie projects to larger company goals and motivate your team. View all company projects in one streamlined view and easily identify what needs your attention.

Linear's timeline view that lists projects in a calendar view with start and end dates.

Integrated with your tools

Linear keeps everyone aligned and working more efficiently. Engineers, designers, and peers – all collaborating in one tool.

Automate tracking with GitHub, GitLab and Sentry

Linear integrates with your pull requests and Sentry issues.
An 'issue linked' comment made by Linear's GitHub integration on a PR, followed by a status update for the linked issue once the PR was merged.

Preview and embed full Figma designs in Linear.

Add Figma links to any issue as you work on your designs.
A Linear comment with a rich Figma embed that links to a file titled 'System Typography'.

Link your customer tickets to your Linear workspace

Create or link Linear issues from within Zendesk or Intercom
A Linear issue created from a Zendesk ticket titled 'I found a bug'.

Get updates and create issues with Slack

Receive updates directly in your Slack channels and create issues from discussions.
Using Linear's Slack command to create a new issue in Linear. An example issue posted in Slack is titled 'Add theme specific iOS status bar to PWA.'

Connect with 1000+ tools using Zapier

Create new issues based on triggers from Zapier applications.

Custom workflows using our API

Query and mutate data using our GraphQL API to build custom workflows.

Loved by product people

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Linear keeps everyone aligned and working without friction. Engineers, designers, and peers – all collaborating in one tool.
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