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Use labels to categorize issues.

Linear app showing labels being added to an issue


Create labels to help organize issues on your team. You can filter by label on views and search results to find the most relevant issues. Labels can be created on the workspace or team levels, so they can be scoped to your needs.

L to apply label

L then start typing new label name to create and apply label

Shift L to remove label

O then L to jump into a label page

F to filter by label


Apply labels to any issue with the shortcut L. Go to either the workspace label settings or team settings to create, edit, or delete labels and to view a list of all labels and how many issues are categorized under them.
If you have team labels that need to be converted to a workspace label, simply create a workspace label with the same name and it will convert existing team labels.


Create labels

Go to Workspace labels or Team settings > Labels to create new labels. You can also create labels in the Add label flow. Take the action to apply a label, then type the name of the label you want to create, and it'll automatically be saved to your team's labels.

Edit or delete labels

Go to Workspace labels or Team settings > Labels and then hover over the label name to bring up the option to edit or delete labels. Deleting labels is not reversible. If a label is in use, you'll still be able to delete the label and doing so will remove it from any issues.

Customize label colors

While creating or editing a label, select the colored dot to bring up a color picker. Select the # option to specify a hex code.

Label groups

Label groups create one level of nesting in your workspace and team labels, giving you more options when organizing issues. Each label group is limited to 100 labels.

Please note that labels within groups are exclusive, so when applying labels to issues only one label from each group may be applied.

You can create label groups in Label settings. You can also click on the ... icon beside a label group in settings and navigate to the label page from here.

Filtering and views

Learn more about Label views and how to filter for labels.

Workspace labels

Labels created on the workspace can be used by all teams. You should create labels that are used by all teams (e.g. "Bug") in the Workspace labels instead of the team-specific label settings.

Even team-specific labels "act" like w labels when filtering All teams or multi-team views. As long as labels in different teams share the same name, filtered results will show all issues across all teams that match the label. This holds true in custom Views, My Issues, Project All team views, and general search (/). Unfortunately, it does not extend to the API (you'll have to use the unique identifier for each team's label).

If you only want to see results for a specific team's labels in a multi-team view, add a team filter on top of the label filter. Creating a workspace label with the same name as existing team label(s), will present the option to convert the team label(s) to the workspace level.