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Due dates

Add due dates to issues to help your team keep track of time-sensitive work.

Due date tooltip in Linear


Issues with due dates display a calendar icon on the list or board. The icon will be red if it's overdue, orange if it's due within the next week or grey otherwise. Hover over the icon to view the due date and how many days are remaining or have passed since it was due.

If you don't see the icon on your list or board view, open View Options and make sure that *Due Date* is selected under Display properties.

Shift D to set or change due date

Cmd/Ctrl Shift D to remove due date


Add due date

Use the shortcut Shift D when viewing or selecting an issue to set the due date. When creating an issue from the modal (C), select the three dot menu to bring up the set due date option.

You cannot set due dates while creating (V) or editing (Option/Alt +E) an issue in full screen mode. Save the issue first, then set the due date using the shortcut, command line, or three dot menu.

Due date notifications

Configure due date notifications in account settings. You'll receive a notification when the issue nears its due date as well as if the issue is past due.

Filter by due date

Type F then search due or click the add filter button to apply the following related Filters to any issue view:

  • Due soon
  • Due today
  • No due date
  • Has due date
  • Is Overdue

Sort by due date

On list views, open view options and select Ordering: Due date to sort issues by due date. Issues with a due date will show up at the top of each group.