Help and tutorials

Tips for how to use the guide and access other resources.

A zoom call in Grid view featuring some Linear team members

We've sprinkled some tutorials throughout the guide. We'll work on creating more video assets in the future and for now, here are available ones:

These videos go into how we built certain features and offer glimpses on how the feature works

(Paused for the moment, will return soon for 2022!)
Join us Fridays at 8am PST / 3 pm GMT in the Linear Café (RSVP and add to calendar) where someone from the team will be coworking on Zoom. RSVP at the link so we know you're coming and hop in during that hour to ask a question, request a feature demo, or cowork along with us.

We have limited bandwidth to provide 1:1 demos upon request at this time, unfortunately, but will do our best to answer questions you have via support, Slack, or during this weekly call.

We also recommend you join our Slack community to meet 3K+ other Linear users and exchange tips. The whole Linear team is in Slack so it's a great place to ask questions, too.

The community is a good place to report #bugs, share #product-feedback, ask for help when building integrations and working with the #api, and to get #help from Linear or the community.

Here's how to get in touch when you have questions or issues with the app.

We recommend reaching out via the in-app help modal in most cases, which goes to the same place as emails but gives us a bit more information to help you out. For API, Zapier, or webhook questions, the best place to ask is the #api channel in our Slack community.

Send us a message from the app. ? opens the help modal and also links to keyboard shortcuts and resources. When contacting support, please share as much information as possible including screenshots, video, and reproduction steps.