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Help & tutorials

Tips for contacting support and accessing further resources.

A zoom call in Grid view featuring some Linear team members

Linear guide videos

These videos explain how we built certain features and offer glimpses on how the feature works:

Talk to a human

Contact support

Reach out to Linear support by pressing ? in the app and clicking the Contact Linear Support button. You can also get in touch by searching for Contact support in the / Ctrl + K menu or on the dedicated Contact support page on the website.

For API, Zapier, or webhook questions, the best place to ask is the #api channel in our Slack community.

Contact sales

Speak to our sales team about plans, pricing, enterprise contracts, or request a demo.

Slack community

We also recommend joining our Slack community to meet 9K+ other Linear users and exchange tips. The whole Linear team is in Slack so it's a great place to ask questions, too.

The community is also a good place to report #bugs, share #product-feedback, ask for help when building integrations and working with the #api, and to get #help from Linear or the community. For faster responses, please reach out through the in-app modal instead.