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Create new issue URLs

Link to a new issue creation page in Linear and prefill fields using query parameters.

Image showing command K menu with highlighted option "Copy pre-filled create issue URL to clipboard"


The following links trigger the creation of a new Linear issue in any browser and you can add query parameters after any of them to pre-fill issue fields.

For example, you can assign new issues to a specific person, set an estimate, add labels, or combine multiple parameters with instructions in the description to create a template for a user to fill out.

Only available via the command menu


Generate pre-filled link

From the app, type Cmd/Ctrl K then pre to bring up copy pre-filled create issue URL to clipboard to quickly create a URL.

Supported fields

We support the following query parameters:

  • title
  • description
  • status
  • assignee
  • estimate
  • label
  • labels (comma-separated)
  • cycle
  • project
  • template

Set query parameters

Title and description will display the inputted text.

Use the display name or UUID identifier to set other parameters. For example, set a status with status=in+progress or status=<UUID identifier> and a cycle with cycle=8 or cycle=cycle+8.

Assignee is set with a user's full name as well as the display name or identifier.

Estimates can also be set by their point number e.g. estimate=4. T-shirt sizes have the following point values: - (0), XS (1), M (2), L (3), XL (4).

For templates, go to your team's templates (under team settings), hover over the template you want to use and then click the copy icon to copy the link.