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Edit issues

You can edit the title and description of any issue within Linear.

issue creation dialogue box

Regardless of who the original creator of an issue is, all workspace members will be able to edit the issue title and description. For comments, only the creator of the comment will be able to perform additional edits.

You can easily edit an issue title or description by clicking directly on the title or description and editing inline. You can also use the methods below when editing an issue.

R to rename an issue

Option/Alt + E to edit an issue description

If changes have been made to an issue description and you would like to revert to the original issue description, open the command menu with Cmd K and search for Revert issue description...

If you don't want to edit an issue title or description inline with just a single click, you can change this behaviour in your Linear preferences. Scroll down and toggle "Double click to edit" on or off here.