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Enable preferences in Linear to help you move faster and personalize your workflow.

Screenshot of settings and preferences in Linear


One of our goals in Linear is to automate away your busy work or at least make it faster to take actions you repeat regularly. We've created a set of preferences to help you move faster and focus on the that you can enable to help you do that. Find those preferences in Settings > Account > Preferences.


The Display section allows you to:

  • Choose whether you want to show full names or shorter names of your team members
  • Change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over any interactive element
  • Adjust the font size
  • Select the first day of the week shown when a calendar option is displayed
  • Turn on or off spell check in text fields


The Theme section lets you update the color of your workspace. Choose from our presets or create your own custom theme. Select several Light or Dark modes as a preference or choose system preference if you'd like the app to switch based on your computer settings.

You can also build your own custom theme. Find and use over 70 themes (and counting!) on the open source site, where you can click to copy and use them. A Linear favorite is Barbie Dreamhouse (#E2DAF1,#593E74,#FCDEEE,#593E74,#B8FAFA,#8B6BC7).


Here is where options for personal automations are located.

Default home view

This setting lets you set the default view that opens whenever you close or log out of Linear and re-open/re-login. It defaults to your team's Active issues view, which is the view that shows all issues that are in an Unstarted or Started workflow status.

To change your default home view, open the dropdown menu to select from any of these default views:

  • All issues
  • Active issues
  • Current cycle
  • Inbox
  • My Issues
  • Favorited Views
  • Favorited Projects

Open in desktop app

This feature will automatically open Linear links in your desktop app instead of your default browser.

Auto-assign to self

Enable this setting so that any issue you create is assigned to you automatically. This is a helpful setting if you tend to only create issues for yourself. It's also helpful to toggle temporarily when you're creating issues in bulk for a project.

If you don't turn this on, you can always toggle the Create more button or use Cmd/Ctrl Shift Enter when creating issues to create more with the same assignee. We don't have a setting to auto-assign issues to specific users. The best workaround is to create templates with the assignee field set to the specific user.

Git-related automations

If you've enabled GitHub or GitLab, you'll likely copy the git branch name with Cmd/Ctrl Shift . to link Linear issues to pull requests. You can set two actions to happen whenever you do:

  • On git branch copy, move issue to In Progress which moves the issue to the first workflow status under the Started category
  • On git branch copy, auto-assign to yourself

We highly recommend these settings for any developers using Linear. In combination, they save you a few clicks every time you begin an issue.

Convert text emoticons into emojis

Turn this toggle on to speed up your emoji game.