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Initiatives Migration

A new section in your sidebar will soon be available called Initiatives. It’s an evolution of what we set out to achieve with Roadmaps and will directly replace them. All of your roadmap data, views, favorites etc. will have a 1:1 replacement so none of your workflows will be affected.

To learn more about the migration to Initiatives and how to use them, watch this walkthrough with our product manager Sagan.

To learn more about Initiatives, head over to our Initiatives documentation. For questions relating to what will happen to your roadmaps during the migration to Initiatives, read on.

What's next for my roadmaps?

Any roadmaps in your workspace will be turned into Initiatives. They'll have the same names, details, and projects but now have additional functionality.

References to your previous roadmaps, including URLs, favorites, and saved and filtered views, will be replaced 1:1 so that your workflows are not affected. For example, if you've favorited a roadmap, you'll find an equivalent Initiative in the same place in your favorites section.

When will the migration happen?

We'll launch Initiatives and begin rolling out in the next few weeks. Roadmaps as a feature will no longer be available in workspaces that have access to Initiatives.

How do initiatives differ from roadmaps?

Initiatives add the following functionality that was not available in Roadmaps:

Initiative overview page

This contains a short and long description, Initiative owner, target date, document and link attachments, and ordered project list.

Lifecycle management

You can mark Initiatives as planned, active or completed and see all initiatives grouped under these views.

Top-level summaries

See all project updates from each individual Initiative page. When viewing the dashboard of active Initiatives, see indicators of projects that need attention and hover over them to quickly review the latest project update.

How do I remove initiatives I don't want anymore?

If you have stale or completed Initiatives from the migration, do the following:

  • Update the status to completed so the Initiative is hidden but you can still access the history
  • Right-click to delete the Initiative. Deleted Initiatives will be available in the "Recently deleted" view for 30 days before they are permanently deleted