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Analyze your team's Linear data alongside your engineering tools and track and measure your team’s performance, project lifecycles, issues and more in Intuned.

Intuned interface showing available connectors
Intuned interface showing available connectors
Intuned interface for creating notification triggers
Intuned interface showing analytics


The Intuned for Linear Integration allows you to explore your issues, projects, cycles, and correlate the data with other engineering systems and holistically measure your team's workflows.

How it works

Once connected, Intuned provides you with Linear tables for your issues, projects, and cycles. To hep you get started, Intuned provides you with sample queries and dashboard as well. After you're onboarded, you can build custom metrics, alerts, and dashboards to help you as you see fit.

To Configure

To get started, you just have to create and save a Linear Personal API key from Linear's API Settings and enter it into Intuned's connectors configuration experience. You can get step by step details here:

Build your own integration

Create your own integration with Linear’s API and submit it to the directory.

Start building