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Slack Sync


Origins workspaces can now use a significant update to Linear's Slack integration.

Previously this integration offered the ability to create Linear issues from Slack messages. Moving forward, you can also sync that Slack message's thread to a comment thread in the associated Linear issue, as well as share files for the first time.

This update helps reduce context switching between Slack and Linear and ensures that both threads stay current with important updates like new comments, shared files, and important status changes. This gives users in your Slack channels much more insight into issues they report, even if they're not members of your Linear workspace.


Initial setup

You'll need to reinstall the Slack integration to test this feature while it's in Origins. To do so, you'll need both permissions to manage apps in Slack and Admin permissions in Linear.

To reinstall, navigate to your Linear workspace's Slack settings. Click Disconnect, then Add to Slack. You'll be asked to re-approve Linear's permissions to access your Slack workspace. Once you do so, the integration will be ready to use.

Test the feature

In private channels, you'll need to invite the integration to the channel using /invite @Linear to use this feature. Slack sync is not available in DMs.

To use Slack sync, create an issue from Slack through the context menu on a Slack message. Fill out the issue's properties in the opened form, and ensure that Sync thread is checked.

When you click Submit, you'll also create a synced comment thread in the Linear issue. Both threads will update as new replies are sent in either location.

Additional details worth noting include:

  • Editing or deleting a threaded reply will sync bidirectionally.
  • Files sent from Slack to Linear will be rendered in full in Slack. Files sent from Linear to Slack will be available as links, but will not unfurl in Slack.
  • Status updates sent to Slack include when an issue is marked Done or Canceled, or when an issue is updated from Done or Canceled to a non-terminal status.
  • When a synced issue is marked as Done, the integration will apply a green check emoji to the root message in Slack. If a synced issue is marked as canceled, the integration will apply a red X emoji.

Use cases from the Linear team

One way to use this feature is to better support customers. When a user reports a bug to you on Slack, open an issue with the integration and sync the thread. Keep your customer informed without leaving Linear by writing comments in the synced thread.

When the issue is completed or canceled, the integration will send a message indicating this and apply an emoji to the root message indicating the same, so it's easy to see what happened with an issue from the channel level.

Slack sync also works very well for managing issues reported in Slack by colleagues, even if they don't have an account in your Linear workspace.

We're excited to hear how you use this tool, and how we could make it more valuable to you! Please let us know at