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Origins: Potential Duplicates

Image of a potential duplicate being flagged in the Issue creation modal.


Potential Duplicates prompts help reduce the number of duplicate issues filed in your workspace. This feature is turned on now for your workspace; let us know what you think at

Potential Duplicates

Reference these prompts to keep duplicates out of your backlog. When this prompt appears on an issue you're drafting, click on the flagged issue to confirm whether your draft is unique.

Potential duplicates also appear in Triage. Through the dropdown menu, you can mark the Triage issue as related to or a duplicate of an existing issue. Similar prompts also appear in our Zendesk and Intercom integrations.

This feature evaluates matches based on the title and description of the drafted issue referenced against existing issues in your workspace. Titles must contain at least six words to be evaluated for this purpose.

Depicts actions available in contextual menu for duplicates detected while in Triage: Mark as duplicate or reference this issue