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Intercom Updates & Potential Duplicates

Linear's Intercom integration with cursor hovering over the "Bug Report" Template above the create issue action.. Other templates pictured include A11y issue and Feature request


We've released a few features to Origins aimed at increasing the quality of open issues. They are already enabled for your workspace, and we'd love your feedback! Let us know what you think at

Intercom Templates

Linear templates are now supported in our Intercom integration. Consider adding templates to Intercom to ensure that issues filed contain the necessary information to be actionable.

Admins in Linear can designate up to five existing templates in Settings to appear in the Intercom integration. Templates can be applied in Intercom by clicking on their name as demonstrated below.

Similar Issues

Our Intercom and Zendesk integrations now flag Linear issues that may relate to the report received. These prompts help prevent filing duplicate issues at the point of creation and save time for your team and your customers.

Potential Duplicates

Potential duplicates window showing a similar existing issue underneath a drafted issue in the composer

Reference these prompts to keep duplicates out of your backlog. When this prompt appears on an issue you're drafting, click on the flagged issue to confirm whether your draft is unique.

Potential duplicates also appear in Triage. Through the dropdown menu, you can mark the Triage issue as related to or a duplicate of an existing issue. Similar prompts also appear in our Zendesk and Intercom integrations.

This feature evaluates matches based on the title and description of the drafted issue referenced against existing issues in your workspace. Titles must contain at least six words to be evaluated for this purpose.