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Realtime sync and offline

Our application isn't just fast – it works offline from our desktop app, any browser or the mobile web app.

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How it works

Linear automatically syncs all changes in realtime as they happen. This is critical to your team's ability to collaborate well and work quickly. If for some reason changes cannot be sent to the backend, the app will store changes locally and re-try whenever connectivity is restored (e.g. internet is back up).

How to use it

You don't have to do anything – the app will work offline automatically. You'll start seeing the words "Syncing" appear next to the workspace name at the top of your sidebar when the app detects that there are a lot of changes waiting to be synced or when sending changes take longer than expected. The number next to it shows how many changes are waiting to be sent. They're stored locally on disc. They'll be reloaded and retried even if you restart the application before restoring connectivity.

ProTip: Offline mode is designed as a failsafe and not a full-fledged feature.
We do not check the creation date of each change before updating data. This means that if you make a lot of edits while in offline mode, you could overwrite changes from someone on your team (e.g. if you edited the issue description or they had updated status).